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When Should You Contact Us?

Marigold Mediation supports organizations of all types and sizes. Are you or your organization experiencing:


  • Tension between business partners/owners that is impacting the business?
  • Personality clashes between team members, leading to a decline in productivity and morale?
  • Difficult interpersonal dynamics in a family business that might cause lasting harm?
  • Misunderstandings across generations (i.e. millennials and baby boomers) who are struggling to work successfully together?
  • Lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities that is creating confusion and inefficiency?
  • Senior Teams or Boards unable to find common ground to address serious strategic issues?
  • Any other complex interpersonal situations that could benefit from third-party experts?


If you would like to discuss and learn how Marigold Mediation can help, complete the form below to schedule a free 1/2 hour consultation. You can also call us at 336-324-8388 or email us at Thank you!