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About Us

The MM story began when Robert, a seasoned organizational development consultant and executive coach, realized that most of the problems his clients experienced related to unresolved interpersonal conflict. He approached Mara, a conflict management specialist (and coincidentally, his daughter!), to explore the topic further. Through some spirited discussions, the pair decided to join forces and create a division of Robert’s existing company, Organization Insight, that would exclusively focus on improving relationships in the workplace. And thus was born Marigold Mediation.


Why the name Marigold Mediation? Marigold flowers maintain harmony in the garden by protecting crops from insects. Like marigolds, we foster healthy work environments, so our clients may “bloom where they are planted.”


We are based in Washington, DC and Greensboro, NC, but we are available to clients all over the world.

Mara Goldberg - Marigold Mediation

Mara Goldberg

Mara is a certified conflict coach and trained mediator, who creates environments where people in conflict feel understood and reach resolution.

Robert Goldberg - Marigold Mediation

Robert Goldberg

Robert has three decades of experience helping to resolve complex and sensitive interpersonal conflicts with senior executives and their teams.

Our Values Drive Our Work


Our process is visible and we don’t hide from difficult truths


We remain unbiased and don’t favor any one perspective, even the side with more power


We only report results, not the content of our work together


We listen deeply to understand the complexity of the situation


Through our rigorous training and years of experience, we have developed a sophisticated toolkit for managing interpersonal dynamics

Marigold Mediators - Robert Goldberg & Mara Goldberg

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