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We Help You Do Conflict Right

Marigold Mediation, LLC resolves conflicts in organizations, builds their conflict management capabilities, and helps them see that conflict – when managed well – can be healthy and productive.

Marigold Mediation Organizational Conflict resolution Services

Conflict Coaching

When an individual needs to improve his or her capacity to deal constructively with conflict.

Marigold Mediation Organizational Conflict mediation Services


When two individuals’ inability to work together is negatively impacting the organization.

Marigold Mediation Organizational Team Effectiveness Services

Team Effectiveness

When the source of a low performing team is rooted in lack of team member alignment.

Marigold Mediation Organizational Inter-Team Collaboration Services

Inter-Team Collaboration

When two departments or teams within an organization are struggling to work together.

Marigold Mediation

Marigold Mediation, LLC is a daughter-father partnership combining decades of experience managing conflict and improving interpersonal communication. We are credentialed and certified to see you through the trickiest of situations and deliver lasting results. Our values drive the way we support our clients:

  • Transparent – our process is visible and we don’t hide from difficult truths
  • Impartial – we remain unbiased and don’t favor any one perspective, even the side with more power
  • Confidential – we only report results, not the content of our work together
  • Empathetic – we listen deeply to understand the complexity of the situation
  • Expert – through our rigorous training and years of experience, we have developed a sophisticated toolkit for managing interpersonal dynamics

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